Cara Erskine, Celeste Green and the Appearing Mural of Serena Williams, 2019. Courtesy of the artist
With an eye for the irreverent and a commitment to multiplicity, PIQUE celebrates the art and cultural contributions of queer women, trans women, and non-binary individuals today.
Who We Are
We are artists and writers. We are scientists and comedians, lawyers and educators. Together, we investigate queerness and the way it shapes our lives. We debate in and around our community, envisioning alternative possibilities for what could be. As a collective, we meet—and defy—your expectations.
We build on the legacy of those who came before us: the publications central to self-acceptance and community formation among queer people. We are your next generation.
What We Do
We publish essays, profiles, and short stories by emerging and established writers.


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Founding Editor

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Managing Editor

Sophie Schwartz
Photography Editor

Lucy de Lotbinière
Content Manager


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